Upcoming events in Seton Hill

This is a busy time in Seton Hill. Below is a list of important dates and upcoming events and notices.

1. Seton Hill Community Walk on Wednesday 21 September at 6:30 pm (departing from St. Mary’s Spiritual Center at 600 N. Paca Street). Walk with BPD Commissioner Davis, Council President  Jack Young, Councilman Eric Costello & others. This is a public safety walk to address recent crime and safety concerns!  We hope to see you there.

2. The Seton Hill Association has arranged with the Parking Authority for Seton Hill residents to pick up their Area 10 renewal parking permits. Your current permit expires September 30, 2016. Pick up dates are:

  • 9/21 and 9/27 from 6 to 7pm at the St. Mary’s Spiritual Center (600 N. Paca Street)
  • New Seton Hill Association memberships forms will also be available.

3. The Seton Hill Executive Board voted on 9/13 to cancel the French Fair. The Board took this action so that the officers could focus more time and energy on increasing safety in the community in light of the recent “uptick in crime”. A French themed event is being contemplated so if you’re interested in planning please send your contact info to the board@setonhill.org.

4. Any person seeing a crime or observing suspicious behavior in Seton Hill should call x911. In addition the information should be emailed to report@setonhill.org.

5. The next Seton Hill Association General Meeting will be 10/11/16 at 7pm at the St. Mary’s Spiritual Center. This will be an Election event where members may cast votes for President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 3 Board of Directors.  Also tentatively planned – members will learn more about the St. Mary’s Park efforts and meet the new Park Steward.

6. Now’s the time to pay your Seton Hill Association dues.  New and renewal membership forms will be available at the General Meeting, or you can pay online here.