Seton Hill Night

Seton Hill Night at West Madison Craft Beer & Wine Bar!

West Madison Craft Beer and Wine Bar

It’s a New Year so reach out of your comfort zone and meet up with your Seton Hill neighbors/make new friends and participate in #BaltimoreRestaurantWeek. Enjoy a 3 course dinner menu for $25 (our price). RSVP to

For more information please go to

Join us Thursday 1/19/17 at 7pm. Everyone in Seton Hill is welcome!

Walk over as a group…meet up at 6:45 pm at the old fire station (now Neighborhood Fiber Co. at 700 N. Eutaw Street)


UPDATE: We had a great time at the Seton Hill Night at West Madison Craft Beer & Wine Bar! Thank you everyone who came out!

We’re having so much fun, we’re blurry!
Neighbors enjoying their time at the bar.