Seton Hill Elections – October 2015

Elections for the Seton Hill Association are tonight.  Come out and vote!  The meeting takes place at 7pm, in the Visitor Center at St. Mary’s Spiritual Center & Historic Site:

Here is the Official Slate of Nominees for the SHA elections for Oct. 13, 2015:

President: Kevin Macartney
Vice President: Karen French*
Nicholas Blendy
Secretary: Wayne Reed
Treasurer: Aaron Greenlun

Board of Directors (Select 3):
Bryan Dunn Nell Ziehl
Karen French* Tom Pisanic
Deacon Vito Piazza

* A candidate can only be selected for one position on the ballot

Please come and cast your vote. Note: Only members  who are present and in good standing may vote and run for office, provided they have attended at least one meeting as a member of the Association in the last 6 months. Nominations will be taken the day of the election.