General Community Meeting, 14 Feb

There is a Seton Hill General Community Meeting on 14 February at 7pm.  This is going to be a busy one, but we promise to get you home in an hour.


  • Amending the Residential Parking Permit hours
  • CHAP led discussion regarding adding to or reinforcing entryway doors, given the rash of “kicked in doors”
  • A run down of infrastructure projects impacting Seton Hill, including a discussion about the new monthly water bills

When: 14 February, at 7pm

Where: St. Mary’s Spiritual Center
600 N Paca St
(Past the parking lot and through the glass doors)

BONUS: As promised, because this meeting falls on Valentine’s Day, not only will we have you home in an hour, but there is a door prize.  We have 4 sets of 3 LED candles ($60.00 value each), which were donated by Michael’s Craft store.

If you have any questions, or would like to see something else added to the agenda, please contact Wayne Reed, President of the Seton Hill Association at

Seton Hill Night

Seton Hill Night at West Madison Craft Beer & Wine Bar!

West Madison Craft Beer and Wine Bar

It’s a New Year so reach out of your comfort zone and meet up with your Seton Hill neighbors/make new friends and participate in #BaltimoreRestaurantWeek. Enjoy a 3 course dinner menu for $25 (our price). RSVP to

For more information please go to

Join us Thursday 1/19/17 at 7pm. Everyone in Seton Hill is welcome!

Walk over as a group…meet up at 6:45 pm at the old fire station (now Neighborhood Fiber Co. at 700 N. Eutaw Street)


UPDATE: We had a great time at the Seton Hill Night at West Madison Craft Beer & Wine Bar! Thank you everyone who came out!

We’re having so much fun, we’re blurry!
Neighbors enjoying their time at the bar.