Municipal Trash Cans


Seton Hill residents –

Last year the City announced that it was going to distribute new trash cans to everyone in the City. Unfortunately, these trash cans do not fit in most of the properties in the Seton Hill neighborhood. There are two sizes available. The standard size is a 65 gallon bin. There is also a “limited 35 gallon” option. This smaller size will fit some of the Seton Hill properties, but there are a number of residences where the 35 gallon option still doesn’t work.

The Seton Hill Association has been in constant contact with the City to come up with a solution about this problem. So far, the City has refused to provide a workable solution for our neighborhood and other similar rowhouse neighborhoods.  For now, the City’s best response is to call 311 (you have to call, it doesn’t work on the app), and request the smaller 35 gallon can. If the 35 gallon can is still too big for you, then you need to complete the DPW – refusal form. The deadlines for these actions are coming up. If you would like a hard copy version of this form, please contact

If you do not want a trash can, then you need to complete this form by 17 February.  Forms must be submitted to: or you can drop it off at 200 Holliday Street, Suite 600, Baltimore, Maryland 21202.

If you want the smaller 35 gallon can, you must call 311 by 19 February. You need to tell the City that you are requesting a 35 gallon trash can due to the block-long row houses in your neighborhood, the fact that we have front collection and that we have no exterior storage space.


The size of the trash cans are as follows:

  • 65-gallon – 25.9” (width) x 26.5” (depth) x 42.2” (height); and
  • 35-gallon – 22.8” (width) x 22.3” (depth) x 38.2” (height).

You do not have to receive a new trash can if you do not want one.  The City will continue to pick up your trash can.  However you must inform the City of your choice.

Here are some additional facts, provided by the City:

  • Cans will arrive early 2016 (starting in the latter part of February), and residents will be notified by mail approximately one week in advance of the arrival of the cans. The delivery will be preceded by a door tag notifying residents that the can will be delivered in about 10 days, and updated delivery schedules will be posted on DPW’s website.
  • Current trash collection days will remain the same; rear collections will remain in the rear of households, and front collections will remain out front.
  • The cans remain the property of the City and should not be altered or defaced with letters, names, stickers, numbers, or symbols.

Limited 35­ gallon Option

  • In addition, owners of properties that are part of a block-­long group and have front collection and no rear storage criteria are eligible to receive a smaller 35­ gallon can.
  • Requests for smaller cans must be made by calling 311 by February 19, 2016. There is no need for homeowners to call to receive the standard 65 ­gallon can.

More information can be found here.

If you have questions, please email us at