MD and National Elections

Now that the Seton Hill elections are over (and we know what a nail biter it was!), we can all focus on the National, State and local elections.

If you voted in the Primary Election, great work. But you’re not done. You still have to cast your ballot in the General Election. (And, if you missed out on voting during the Primaries, here’s your chance you still have your voice heard.)

Voting is important. This is when you get a chance to choose the direction you want our city, our state and our nation to go in. There are a number of people running for office, from the 11th district city council seat, to the Baltimore City Mayor, to the US Maryland Senator, to the US president. Each position is important and the winner will affect not only your future, but the future of generations to come. Thousands of people have fought and died for your right to vote. So make sure you exercise this awesome power and responsibility that you have.

Early voting starts on Thursday, so you will have plenty of time to make it to the polls. Please visit our Elections Page ( for all of the nitty gritty details, such as where to vote and when the polls are open. We’ve even included a sample ballot for you.