French Fair Planning Committee


NOTICE: For 2016, we have had to cancel the French Fair. If you are interested in helping out for next year’s, please contact us at

Additionally, a French themed event is being contemplated so if you’re interested in planning please send your contact info to the


Every year, the Seton Hill Association hosts the annual French Fair in our St. Mary’s park. We’re forming a committee to help plan this year’s fair, the 7th Annual French Fair!

Planning meetings meet monthly, starting in June.

Location: St Mary’s Spiritual Center and Historic Site, 602 N Paca.

For details about the fair itself, check out our page on the 7th Annual French Fair.

Here’s what the City Paper had to say about our fair in their 2014 Best of Baltimore edition:

“We love Mount Vernon, home of City Paper HQ, and like every other year, we are tempted to give it the nod here. But one of the great things about Baltimore is the cheap rent, which allows interesting people to do interesting things without working all the time. Seton Hill is sort of like Mount Vernon West, except instead of Mount Vernon’s four little parks, you have the big, brick-walled St. Mary’s Park, and you know you can’t afford one of the big MV mansions, but you can get one of the small little alley houses in Seton Hill. The neighborhood was once Baltimore’s French Quarter—betcha didn’t know we had one of those— founded by refugees from the Haitian and French revolutions, and has the classic architecture and annual French Festival (Oct. 19 this year, with rounds of Petanque and a toddler tour de France) to prove it.”

Please contact us at