9 June 2015 General Meeting

Reminder – there is a general neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, 9 June.  Please note – the location and time for this meeting is different than normal.  The new location is St. Mary’s Park building, and the meeting starts at 6pm.
Topics for discussion:
– The Baltimore City Parking Authority will be in attendance from 6-7pm for a Q&A to discuss various parking options for Seton Hill’s Residential Parking Permit. To find out more about this, please visit our Parking Committee’s website.
St. Mary’s Park:
– St. Mary’s Park fountain update
– Weeding assisatnce needed in the flower beds
– Tree trimming assistance needed
– Great American Backyard Campout (in St. Mary’s Park)
Upcoming October 2015 French Fair: 
– FreeFall grant application in progress
– VP Bryan Dunn exploring sponsorship options
– Music acts being booked
Howard’s Park: 
– Update on dog park
– Partnership with SEIU for stewardship of part of Howard’s Park
– SHA will be selling Seton Hill National Historic District plaques to identify our historic homes at a discounted rate for SHA members.
Seton Hill historic plaque