Baltimore’s Bike Plan


According to the Baltimore Department of Transportation, “since the original Bicycle Master Plan was adopted in 2006, the City of Baltimore has created over 100 miles of on-street bikeways with 39 miles of off-road trails.  Numerous ordinances and programs have been established to make Baltimore a better place to bike.”

Despite this progress, many would argue that Baltimore has been behind the curve with regards to bike lanes and a bike-friendly culture.

Baltimore City has heard the complaints and recommendations, and is pushing forward in their efforts to ensure the biking accessibility of Baltimore.  As reported in the Baltimore Sun, “On Wednesday, the Board of Estimates approved spending about $300,000 to help pay for the project. Money from a federal program will cover the rest.”

On 28 January 2015, the Department of Transportation will host an open-house at the
Enoch Pratt Central Library Auditorium (400 Cathedral Street) from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm.  The Seton Hill Association will be there.  Please submit comments and questions to us via

If you’d like to read more about the issue, the Baltimore Sun just published a good article, “Lagging behind other cities, Baltimore moves toward better bike lanes“.

Looking Forward to 2015

Seton Hill Spring Clean, 2014

Spring Clean, 2014

Bike Party, 2014

French Fair, 2014

French Fair, 2014






Happy New Year, Seton Hill!  As we close the chapter on 2014, the Seton Hill Neighborhood Association takes a look at our successes over the past year and the challenges we will tackle in 2015. While Seton Hill is already a great place to live, we want to ensure we’re doing everything to can to make it even better.

-Best Park: The Baltimore City Paper named our Saint Mary’s Park the 2014 Best Park in Baltimore in their annual Best of Baltimore edition.  This honor is the result of not only strong neighborhood advocacy, but also the diligent and dedicated work of John Crimy, our Park Steward. John was hired by the Association to green, clean and improve our lovely historic park!

-French Fair: The 2014 French Fair was a great success this year, with more food options and vendors than ever.  We also had an amazing line up of musicians, whose performances, as always, received great accolades!

-Bike Party: Seton Hill continues to partner with the Baltimore Bike Party to host their monthly fun, inclusive bike ride.  The ride always begins at 6:30pm in Saint Mary’s Park on the last Friday of the month, bringing hundreds of people from all over Baltimore to our park for bike revelry.

- State Center: The proposed State Center redevelopment project, which will be incredibly positive for not only Seton Hill, but for neighbors to the North and West, is still in limbo.  We will need to continue to fight for approval of this project with the incoming governor.  It cannot be stressed enough how transformational this project will be, creating a vibrant new neighborhood with a full service high quality grocery store, restaurants and retail. We need to continue to put pressure on the decision makers to make this happen.

-Stalled WestSide Development: There is much potential in all the vacant office and retail properties located to our South and East – the so-called “Market Center” district desperately needs cohesive envisioned redevelopment. We will continue to partner with the Downtown Partnership and the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) to move that ideal into a reality.

-Lexington Market: The fresh food mecca that this venerable institution could become is both a frustration and a golden opportunity. The Association is working to push this to fruition.

-Saint Mary’s Park Steward: As well as being a great success for 2014, the Park Steward position is a challenge for the future. The Association was able to finance our park steward with grant money for the 2014 summer, however that money is about to run out.  Two very generous donations have recently been received which has allowed us to extend the Park Steward into the winter season, however future funding will be a focus for the Association going forward.

-Parking Committee: Formed in 2013, the Parking Committee continues to work to assess and make recommendations regarding the the current Residential Permit Parking hours. This has been no small effort, and the continued dedication of this group is appreciated.

As you can tell, the Seton Hill Association works tirelessly to advocate for our small slice of Baltimore. We can’t do it without your assistance. If you aren’t a member, please join; if you are a member, thank you!  If you would like to donate, that’s an option too!

The Seton Hill Association meets on a monthly basis, and we hope that you can join us. We have a number of fun events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year for anyone and everyone.

The first volunteer event will be a Saint Mary’s Park cleanup on Martin Luther King day, 19 January 2015, in cooperation with our friends at the University of Maryland Law School Student Bar Association.  Hopefully the weather holds up – there are a number of areas around the park where we plan to work.  We will be sending out more information as the date gets closer.

Thank you so much for all that you do.  This neighborhood would not be the place it is without you as neighbors and community advocates.

Happy New Year!

State Center Matters!

state centerSeton Hill – let’s get the word out that State Center Matters!

Last Monday, the State Center Neighborhood Alliance met for their monthly meeting regarding the development of the State Center.  For those of you unfamiliar with this project, the innovative redevelopment of State Center will provide jobs, homes, retail, an increased tax base, and community improvements to a long neglected area of the City just north of our neighborhood.   Your representatives in the Seton Hill Association have been involved in the planning of this project for over 8 years.

Next Tuesday, 9 December, the Senate Budget & Tax Committee is holding a briefing in Annapolis on State Center.  As many of you probably read in the Baltimore Sun (3 December), there are threats to the future of the State Center project.

Please sign the following petition, and tell all your friends and neighbors.  Your help in getting the word out to our elected officials is vital to ensuring the health of this project, and the future vitality of our neighborhood.



Dec 17, 2014 — There are two updates:
1. Please vote NO in this Business Journal poll and forward accordingly:

2. The State Center project won’t go before the Board of Public Works this Wednesday (today), due to concerns about the cost (a one budget line item relative to the underground parking garage). The only other Board of Public Works meeting while O’Malley is in office is 7 January.

Bottom line: We need to keep up the pressure. Here’s how to do it:

Contact Maryland State Treasurer Nancy Kopp. Treasurer Kopp has been supportive of the State Center project in the past. There is pressure on her now to not permit an item re State Center to be on the next Board of Public Works agenda (on Jan 7) and, if it is on the agenda, to vote against the item. This item is a modest change to one budget line item relative to the underground parking garage.

Please contact Treasurer Kopp with the following message:
Treasurer Kopp, thank you for your past support of the State Center redevelopment. This project was proposed under the Ehrlich administration and strongly supported under the O’Malley administration. The innovative redevelopment of State Center will provide jobs, homes, retail, an increased tax base, and community improvements to a long neglected area of the City that is ready for change.

Please – we need you to not only allow this agenda item to come to vote on 7 January, but we need you to continue to support it as well.

The Honorable Nancy Kopp
State of Maryland Treasurer
Goldstein Treasury Building
80 Calvert St, Annapolis, MD 21401;
PHONE: 800-974-0468


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