Baltimore Heritage comes to Seton Hill!

Jasper St

We are so excited that Baltimore Heritage has chosen to come to Seton Hill to highlight the diverse history of our little neighborhood. Seton Hill resident and preservationist Nell Ziehl is going to lead this tour!

“Just north of Lexington Market are some of Baltimore earliest and best preserved historic buildings, including St. Mary’s Church, the Mother Seton House, and many with French roots. Resident and preservationist Nell Ziehl is leading our stroll through this charming slice of old French Baltimore.”

The tour is 23 April, from 10am to 12pm. Cost is $15. Click here to register.

The tour starts at our beloved Saint Mary’s Spiritual Center and Historic Site.


Saint Mary’s Spiritual Center and Historic Site

Voting time

Who are you voting for? Have you decided? Here are the candidates. Here is a sample ballot.

The first day of voting is Thursday, 14 April. Come join your fellow neighbors on the 14th to vote! We’re leaving from St Marys Park at 6pm to go to the polls! Click here for the details.

FAQ about voting.

Early Voting for the Primary Election: Thursday, April 14, 2016 through Thursday, April 21, 2016 from 10 am until 8 pm., including on the weekend!

Your early voting local polling station is located at the University of Maryland at Baltimore Community Engagement Center. 1 North Poppleton St. Baltimore MD 21201. For a full list, click here.

Primary Election Day: 26 April 2016. Polls are open 7am to 8pm.

Polling locations have changed for the General Elections. Please click here and enter your address to find out where your polling location is. NOTE: it’s different depending on where you live in the neighborhood.

April General Meeting 2016

The General Meeting is today, 12 April 2016.

When: 7pm

Where: The Visitor Center at St. Mary’s Spiritual Center & Historic Site.

The Agenda is as follows:

  • Board reviews meeting notes from the past meeting

  • Financial report

  • Voting: The SHA will be going as a group to the polls on 14 April, leaving St. Mary’s park at 6pm. Click here for event details.

  • Community Clean Up Day: 16 April (and you can earn stormwater fee credit)

  • Trash Cans: The deadline to opt in for a 35 gallon trash can has been moved to 20 April. We will have both the 65 gallon and the 35 gallon trash cans available at this meeting so that you can see which one, if any, you may want.

  • Baltimore Heritage Walk in Seton Hill: 23 April

  • Construction: Summary of construction plans in the neighborhood

See you all there!